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Black orpington hen's headHere is a categorized list of some of the chicken related information I have written about. I will be adding more content weekly and I am always open to suggestions about future chicken information content.


Please feel free to browse though and don't forget to leave comments!

Chicken Behavior

Chicken Flock Fights

Dust Bathing

Feather Preening

Hens Acting Broody


Chicken Health

Chicken Food and Nutrition

Chicken Nutrition

Common Diseases and Parasites in Chickens

How to Treat Scaly Leg Mites


DIY Chicken Projects

DIY Wafer Thermostat


General Chicken Information

Chicken Basics

Chicken Eggspert's Giant Page of Chicken FAQs

The Lifespan of a Chicken


Incubation and Chicks

Artificial Incubation

Incubating Eggs and Hatching Chicks

Natural Chicken Incubation

Natural Incubation vs Artificial Incubation


Selling Eggs

Where to Get Really Cheap Egg Cartons