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Where to Get Really Cheap Egg Cartons

Owning chickens can be many different things. Some folks build chicken coops that rival the best stick built homes, while others build chicken coops out of salvages materials or even straw bales. That's one of the great things about keeping chickens - there are so many different ways to do things, the resourcefulness is half of the fun.


In honor of this resourcefulness, I would like to share with you one way I have found to get egg cartons really cheap. How cheap you ask? Dirt cheap... 3 cents each cheap! The way to get cheap cartons is pretty simple - just ask your local recycling center to save the cartons for you. You see, I stopped at my local recycling center and saw a bunch of egg cartons all bagged up in the corner. I asked the lady there if they would sell them. She said, "Sure, that's why we separate them out." I was shocked when I asked her the price - only $3.00 for 100 egg cartons! Egg cartons at my local feed store were in the neighborhood of 50 cents each so this was a great way to be able to sell my eggs without charging extra for the cartons.


The best part about it is that your are helping to keep those egg cartons out of a landfill by reusing them. You can still encourage your customers to bring back their cartons to you so a stack of 100 should last a good long time unless you have A LOT of chickens. So I would encourage all of you resourceful chicken keepers to call your local recycling centers. Even if they don't already keep them, maybe they can start keeping them at your request. The lady at my recycling center said they get over 100 cartons every day so I never have to worry about them running out.


I hope this little tip will save you enough money to give your chickens some extra little treats!